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In 1995 Harry Blundred, the proprietor of Thames Transit in the United Kingdom, was awarded the operating rights to route services in a number of regions in Queensland following the state government deciding to put the operation of these services out to tender. Sunbus were awarded the rights to operate services in the Cairns, Ipswich, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast and Townsville regions. As part of the deal Sunbus was also responsible for the operation of school bus services in the region, however these were sold in 1997 to fellow British bus operator Stagecoach. In January 2000 the Ipswich business was sold to the Pulitano Group and in September 2003 Hagan's, Bus Service, Toowoomba was purchased and rebranded Garden City Sunbus. This was sold in April 2009 to the Pulitano Group. In April 2008 Blundred sold the remaining Sunbus operations to Transit Australia Group. In November 2008 Magnetic Island Bus Services was purchased and in April 2010 the Townsville operation was expanded with the acquisition of Hermit Park Bus Service.

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