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The Road Less Traveled

RRP $16.45

Life doesn't always work out the way we planned. Things happen that we have no control over, and circumstances seem overwhelming. I never thought I'd marry an abusive man-a man whose mental demons turned him into two different people. I never imagined being a widow at the age of thirty-eight. I never dreamed that one decision could so profoundly change my life and my viewpoint of mental illness. I didn't know how much I still had to learn about myself. Through these circumstances, I now know more about who God is. I also know who he is not. I know more about who I am now, and I know who I will not be anymore. I have always believed in my head God could work everything out for good and that He loved me-now I know in my heart. Head knowledge and heart knowledge is completely different. I invite you to read these pages with an open mind and heart. Allow our story to shed light in dark places. Freedom is within these pages-the freedom to be yourself, to be loved for who you are, and to bring your hurts into the light of God's love where he heals all things. Remember, love is the greatest of all things and it does conquer all. Love has already won.

Time Traveller Colouring Book

RRP $11.99

Step back in time with this fabulous tour of world history, discovering famous sites from long-ago and landmark events from the past. Visit the mysterious Karnak Temple, where ancient Egyptians are honouring the gods, gaze in awe as builders work on the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople and watch the first Model T Ford cars rattle off the production line. As you colour in the busy scenes, watch out for fascinating things to spot, hidden travel souvenirs and weird and wonderful misfits on your captivating puzzle trail. 

A Traveller In War-time

RRP $16.99

I am reprinting here, in response to requests, certain recent experiences in Great Britain and France. These were selected in the hope of conveying to American readers some idea of the atmosphere, of "what it is like" in these countries under the immediate shadow of the battle clouds. It was what I myself most wished to know. My idea was first to send home my impressions while they were fresh, and to refrain as far as possible from comment and judgment until I should have had time to make a fuller survey. Hence I chose as a title for these articles, -intended to be preliminary, "A Traveller in War-Time." I tried to banish from my mind all previous impressions gained from reading. I wished to be free for the moment to accept and record the chance invitation or adventure, wherever met with, at the Front, in the streets of Paris, in Ireland, or on the London omnibus. Later on, I hoped to write a book summarizing the changing social conditions as I had found them.

Closing The Literacy Gap In American Business

RRP $256.99

For the first time, a user-friendly handbook has been written on America's workplace literacy gap. Work Force Education has become the quintessential human resource issue of the 1990's. Its impact is now felt by more than 80 million adults, and carries an annual $300 billion price tag in lost employee productivity. This unique book offers readers a complete review of past, present, and future adult literacy programs. It provides essential context on how this training/educational issue suddenly appeared. Also considered are how current programs consistently fail to close an ever-widening workplace education gap. The book does not talk around potential solutions. Instead, it gives practical, real-life case study examples, from successful on-site company programs conducted by the authors. A blueprint is outlined on how to offer Work Force Education for any business large or small. This book will provide insights to senior executives, human resource/training and development managers, or adult educators. They will obtain a clear understanding of how to organize a multi-level, cost-justified Work Force Education program that meets America's 21st century international productivity requirements.

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Coamo

RRP $12.99

Greg the Gringocua and his wife, Maria the Boricua are traveling throughout all Puerto Rico. They are visiting all 78 pueblos to give you some history and places to see. Travel with them and collect the whole set of books. Great for tourists, educators and the person that just wants to know more about this wonderful island.


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