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Miracle On The Atlantic Coast

RRP $28.55

This book is different from many others before it that usually recite the causes and effects of perpetual poverty in Liberia and other developing countries. This book, however, offers a new Vision of Unity, Peace, Equality, Fairness, Justice, Hope, Opportunity and Prosperity for all the People of the Republic. As Liberia reaches 185 years since its founding and 160 years of Independence, the time is now for each and every Liberian to fill our hearts and minds with Positive Patriotism anchored by Love for God, Love for Ourselves as Liberians, Love for Liberia and Love for each and every fellow Liberian. This vision is a Vision of Positive Patriotism. With a new Vision of Positive Patriotism, the book implores Liberians to embark on building a New Foundation for our beloved Republic since the foundation that was built in 1822 has been destroyed and/or is obsolete. The land, Liberia, is blessed with abundant natural resources such as gold, diamonds, iron ore, rubber and timber and the necessary manpower. This book lays out strategies on how Liberians can protect, unify and professionally manage our country; marshal and develop our country's human capital, financial capital and natural resources; build new inclusive permanent functional institutions, eliminate corruption, create jobs for the 85% of Liberians that are unemployed today and bring about the rapid economic and social development of the Republic of Liberia. Equally important, the pages of this book offer practical strategies and step-by-step implementation guides that will make the new Vision a reality and lift Liberia out of the deep valley of poverty to the great heights of prosperity! With God's help and Liberian's hard work, we can turn Liberia into a Miracle on the Atlantic Coast in less than twenty years. Finally, the strategies in this book when applied carefully can work to lift any developing country and/or country coming out of civil conflict from extreme poverty to unprecedented prosperity.

The Gold Coast

RRP $12.95

This beautifully illustrated panoramic souvenir captures the essence of the glamorous Gold Coast and its hinterland and national park surrounds.

Golden Mary

RRP $18.65

There's a bit of bad history between Master Henry Barrowby, a member of the Commons for Bedfordshire, and nobleman Lord Lavenham. Barrowby was once engaged to Mary Swanford, whose family's land bordered his. But Lavenham stepped in and seduced Mary, leaving Barrowby heartbroken.

While helping Master Easterling, a wealthy London goldsmith, purchase church land seized by Henry VIII, Barrowby meets Easterling's daughter, Mary. Ironically, Lavenham is now courting Mary Easterling, a beautiful blond and intelligent woman. Barrowby warns Mary of Lavenham's past romantic dalliances and shenanigans.

While shopping in London, Barrowby is attacked and seriously injured by Lavenham's minions. No longer safe in his current lodgings, the Easterling family hides Barrowby during his recovery. Mary and Barrowby become lovers and plan a wedding. But Lavenham is not to be deterred. His henchmen and hirelings lure Henry out for repeated attacks, abduction, and murder in this contest of wits over church lands and the love of Golden Mary.

Coast Watching In The Solomon Islands

RRP $360.99

The Bougainville Reports--by Jack Read, Paul Mason, and other coast watchers--are vivid accounts of the coast watching activities on Buka and Bougainville Islands in the Solomon Islands chain during World War II and describe in detail one of the most successful intelligence operations of the war. By the time war came to the South Pacific on December 8, 1941, an excellent intra-district communication network had already been established on Bougainville. A daily system of radio reporting was put into effect by Lieutenant Commander Eric Feldt, who later wrote: Few realized that when the first waves of United States Marines landed on the bitterly contested beaches of Guadalcanal, coast watchers on Bougainville, New Georgia, and other islands were sending warning signals of impending Japanese air raids almost two hours before enemy aircraft formations appeared over the island. Japanese shipping and aircraft activity was monitored and news of spottings was telegraphed to Guadalcanal Headquarters. Information on shipping was directly responsible for the American victory in November 1942, when 12 Japanese transports, loaded with reinforcements, were intercepted and destroyed. Jack Read summarized his activities as follows: Reviewing the course of our operations, we can see that coast watching on that most northerly peg of the Solomons had fulfilled its mission long before we were driven out--and to a far greater effect than even we realized. During the early and uncertain days of the American struggle to wrest Guadalcanal from the Japanese, the reports and timely warnings from Bougainville were directly responsible for the enemy's defeat. Admiral William Halsey praised the work of the coast watchers and said that the intelligence information from Bougainville saved Guadalcanal and that Guadalcanal saved the South Pacific. These edited reports tell the remarkable story of Read, Mason, and other coast watchers and depict their struggles for survival in the Japanese-patrolled jungles of Bougainville. They provide a fascinating account that will intrigue historians, World War II and espionage buffs, and students.


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